Court Dance

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Design Research Podcast about my research for Court Dance.

Court Dance is an experience advice for Justice. This advice is based on the ‘lived experience’ in the Court Dance itself. It does not claim any truths beyond this experience, but it’s exactly this experience of real emotions, real thoughts and true movements which I think is valuable for Justice. It’s not constructed out of knowledge, but it emerged from really embodying human sensitivity in a court of law.

By inviting dancers into the actual space of a real courtroom the dynamic and energy of all that has happened in that ‘sacred place of justice’ can be embodied, felt and made visible. It brings movement, emotion and human relationship in the heart of the system and is therefor an act of recognising human sensitivity.

When the dancers each represent a role in the system of law the dynamics between the roles create an insight in what is needed to find (inner) peace and reconciliation with one’s own faith. The following roles emerged naturally: victim, suspect, justice and victim’s support. The dancers stop feeling, thinking and moving as themselves and really ‘become’ the role they represent. It’s not acting, but moving in the moment in relation to each other and the space, feeling the real emotions of the element they represent.

By using movement the dimension of what is possible beyond the system becomes clear very fast. Movement and dance are expressions of the human potential. It holds the promise of expanding consciousness and bring insight into new dimensions of reality. By using movement I focus on what is possible to bring relief in the system of justice.

  • Photography by Aziz Kawak